We hired Regan Baker Design halfway through our complete remodel project, when we were really struggling to make decisions...on everything. The team approached the challenging space and project with confidence, and quickly understood our tastes and style to develop a holistic plan for the space.. The team was an absolute pleasure to work with. They were easy to communicate with (in-person, phone, email), were clear and concise with action items and deliverables the entire way, worked well with our contractors, and were quick to come up with creative solutions to any issues that popped up. We can’t thank the team enough, they literally saved the project and the space is beautiful! We are going to miss working with the team, and look forward to working with them in the future!
— Brendan Holsberry - Client

Regan Baker Design is stylish, decisive and detail oriented. We asked RBD to come into our remodel midstream to design and style our three bedroom home in San Francisco. Regan and her team hit the ground running adding wood paneling to tie the kitchen and living spaces together visually. They helped us chose everything from lighting and tiles, to sofas and bedding and much more. Regan coordinated with our contractor and a woodworker to design and install a built-in window seat sofa that is the cozy heart of our living space. Her architecture and design background allows her to communicate effectively with all of the contractors on the project. I was surprised at how dedicated she is to getting things just right, a perfectionism I lack but which benefited our project greatly. She met repeatedly with the kitchen cabinet designer to make sure everything would look right. The cabinet layout was revised repeatedly also.

For us the design process involved initial meetings to discuss our ideas for the function and feel of different rooms in the house. Then we communicated visual ideas largely through Pinterest boards accepting or rejecting a myriad of ideas supplied by Regan her design team. I would always look forward to seeing what new ideas they had. Regan was able to expand our furniture vocabulary well beyond IKEA as we hoped. Her taste is better than mine, as it should be, but it was hard to stay on a budget with so many elegant choices. In the end, we have a house that is a functional, kid friendly space that also photographs well! Thank you, RBD.
— Abra Williams - Client

I wanted to say again how amazing it’s been working with you: when talent coincides with lovely people it’s a special thing!! And I really appreciate how involved you let me be—under your expertise and guidance, every inch of our house feels like us, which was paramount to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
— Private - Client

We had the pleasure of working with Regan Baker on the extensive remodel of our mid-century San Francisco home in late-2011 and we will definitely work with her again in the future! She joined our project late in the game (after I realized that while I had a good idea of what I liked, I really needed a professional designer’s input to pull it all together) and I was very impressed with her ability to jump right in and successfully collaborate with the architect and contractor. We were also working with a very agressive deadline, as I was in my third trimester and our goal was to be back in the house before baby arrived, which she greatly respected with her material selections and I’m delighted to report that we were in fact in our house 2 weeks before baby arrived. But most importantly, Regan was just a joy to work with and we couldn’t be happier with the results. She really listened to our thoughts and vision for the project and in all of the right ways, stretched our thinking/vision to achieve a more harmonious and cohesive result.
— Heather Green - Client

Regan is the consummate professional with the added advantage of being fresh and modern. She’s a pleasure to work with and will make any project a lot more fun! She can handle everything - plans, sourcing, decorating, staging... Like I said, she’s the total package!

My husband and I completely remodeled a Carmel, CA beach bungalow while living full-time in Texas. So, it was imperative that we have someone who could stay on top of our contrractor, troubleshoot on our behalf and generally, keep us in the loop on what was taking place. Her ideas and suggestions were spot-on. She was always quick with a response or updated drawings. Her costs were spelled out early on and she worked within our budget.

If you want to check out the finished product, take a look at the “Carmedillo” pictures on her site. And yes, that was my husband’s choice of names for our cottage - blending Carmel and the iconic Texas armadillo. I think you’ll get a good idea of her aesthtic and understand why were so pleased with the job she did.
— Carol Prince - Client

Regan Baker is really great to work with. She not only had a ton of great and creative ideas, but she also took the time to get to know me and my family to truly understand our needs and wishes. For every project we worked on together, she presented me with 3-4 options and continued to iterate until I was 100% satisfied. She always took the time to answer all of my questions, brainstorm additional ideas, and simply to check in. Regan is extremely professional, always on time, and very flexible. Additionally, Regan worked very well with other professionals working on our home. She got along with everyone and really helped me manage some complex aspects of our project. Our new dining/kitchen/family room looks beautiful and unique and is very functional due to the work we did together.
— Lily Sirota - Client

Last year, my husband, daughter I moved from our one bedroom/one bath apartment to a four bedroom, four bath home. Needless to say, we had a lot of empty rooms, not to mention floors, windows and everything else in between! Not only did Regan come in and help us design functional floor plans for almost every room, she also helped design custom pieces (including a beautiful wood and metal dining room table, a concrete and wood coffee table, and a beautiful cream colored bed.) Not to mention our numerous outings to the design and furniture stores to pick out everything else! She was there up until the last throw (which I now know is VERY important!) and the compliments we get on our home speak for themselves. She kept true to my personal style the entire time, and we ended up with a sophisticated, fun and child friendly environment - no easy task! I could not recommend Regan Baker Designs enough!
— Bonnie Smolin - Client

Having worked with Regan a few times now its past due that I write a review about the great work she does. Regan has a great eye for detail and her work ethic is second to none, she really works hard for her clients. Its not unusual to get emails form Regan at midnight when we are trying to get a project complete. All the clients we have worked with together rave about her and I have to agree she is the best designer I have worked with. I always look forward to the chance to collaborate with her on new stuff and I hope I get the opportunity to do so again soon. Well done Regan on the great work you do.
— John Fannon - Contractor

The name of my company is called Iconic Development. We have over 3,500 student housing apartment beds across the United States (“US”). We are the 22nd largest student housing developer in the US. Regan is simply the best interior designer we continue to work with. Take a large budget or a small budget, it doesn’t matter, Regan can transform a frothy environment into something fantastically fun, vibrant and creative.

Without Regan our return on equity and our investors would not be nearly as happy. Her designs have created tremendous economic value for our apartment communities. More importantly, her inspired designs make our customers happier (a rare gift).
— Bo Parfet - Developer

Regan is a creative, professional, and fun designer. It has been my experience, as a multiple time client, that Regan brings not only a great base design, but extra ideas that pack a WoW. As someone who has used more than ten interior designers, Regan is at the top of my list and I always feel fortunate when we are able to secure her time.
— Bill Bennet - Client