Our Process

Define Scope + Estimated Budget

Defining a scope helps us utilize budgets to the fullest, sets up front expectations, and helps keep the clients ideas and solutions front and center. We suggest meeting with a contractor to get an estimate on what your vision may cost. We are happy to recommend a contractor, work with you to select an architect or work with one you have already chosen.

As Builts

Understanding the beauty of the space, or lack thereof, is very important. We measure your space, put the dimensions into our handy drafting program to create floor plans and elevations. Floor plans and elevations are necessary to understand scale, proportion and allows us to give you the best advice for finishes, sizes of furniture and the overall vision for your space.

Personal and Life Style Discovery

We want to know how you live, breath and entertain. Space planning (wall placements, feature walls and furniture placements) is a huge component to how we design and also sets your home apart from your neighbors. We use Pinterest or Houzz, a necessary tool, that helps us discover your style, lifestyle and taste - who you are. Our initial questionnaire helps us further understand how you move throughout your home.

Needle in a Haystack

Once we discover your personal style and lifestyle, we use photos from your online catalogues along with our own image sourcing, combined with select furniture pieces, lighting and art options, to create idea boards for each room. The idea boards help set the tone, as well as helps solidify our understanding of your personal style.



Furniture Floor plan + Elevations + Finish Suggestions

From the idea board we create furniture floor plans and elevations which helps understand quantities, scale and the overall finish ideas. Sketches are drawn to help the client quickly see our vision without going into too much detail. Many times, elevations are quickly input into Photoshop to help convey an idea of finishes that need a further refined view. Believe us, this part of the process has saved us many times from a bad decision. It also helps the client understand really what our idea will look like, and if it really is what you want.

A Refined Budget

Once the floor plan and elevations are fairly set and approved, we understand quantities which helps further refine the budget and helps eliminate unnecessary furniture, finishes and defines overall lighting needs. Preliminary material and fixture selections are quoted to gather a better understanding of the overall budget with actual selections and suggestions. All lead times are reviewed to make sure favorite selections are ordered on time to meet the overall schedule.


First round design ideas are presented to the client for approval or disapproval. Round 2 refinement and changes are input, and sometimes, but rarely, do we need a round 3.

Finalizing Plans and Specifications

If we are providing a finish package, construction documentation begins. Details, heights, finishes are all specified for the contractor to provide pricing or implement for construction. If we are providing only a furniture and accessory package, furniture and accessory approvals, specifications and quote refinement is finalized and purchasing begins. If we are acting as the architect, we will begin construction documentation for contractors to use for bidding purposes.

Quotations and Lead Times Established

Once plans are completed, finish materials, plumbing, lighting and millwork quotes are finalized and lead times are confirmed with correct quantities. Our relationship with specific vendors allows a quick turnaround on this process, but items such as counters and millwork (big ticket items) we believe the client should choose the level of craftsmanship they prefer. We have a number of levels of skilled craftsmen that we work with on a regular basis, and will gather quotes from each of them so you can choose. Lastly, if we are head over heals for a product and know it has a long lead time, we begin ordering at this stage of the process.

Issuance of Construction Documentation + Purchasing

Final construction documents, finish, door, window, plumbing and electrical specifications, and hardware schedules are submitted to the contractor or architect for implementation. Specifications are finalized and approved and ordering begins!

Project Management

We co-create schedules with contractors, facilitate purchases, identify critical path items, and are on-site ensuring design implementation, allowing you peace of mind.

Finishing Touches

We offer a full styling package that can be purchased separately or can be included in the original contract. Styling is a huge piece of the final finishing touches. Our styling package includes shopping, and two install dates. We bring our own power drills to hang art, mirrors, etc. Gallery walls are first reviewed in CAD format and the lain out on the floor for the final approval.